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Christine's Intro to the Village

“One of the most beautiful of all English villages” - C E Trimmer        Defibrillator     Banner photograph by Alan Kitchen © 2011

by Christine Hammond

Updated January 2016


Winteringham is a village of approximately 350 houses which stands on the south bank of the River Humber about 8 miles from Barton and the Humber Bridge.  There are 806 voters listed in the Register of Electors for 2015.

The village dates back to Anglo Saxon and Norman times and Ermine Street forms a boundary for the village.  It is known that the Roman Legions forded the River Humber at Winteringham.  Later this was a busy market town and even had its own ship building industry although now there is no sign of this industry and the Haven is used by the Humber Yawl Club for its south bank base.

There is a Primary School in the village and the Village Hall is used throughout the week by the Nursery School Several other clubs/associations use the  hall as their base including the Parish Council, and the Youth Project,

The Village Hall is situated on South Side adjacent to a playing field.  The field consists of a fenced-in Play Area, an All Weather Sports Facility where tennis, basket ball or five-a-side football can be played and a large grass area where sports are played.

Within the village there are a Church and Methodist Chapel, an excellent butcher’s shop and a village store/Post Office. There is a public house which provides entertainment and serves food and also the worldwide renowned, Winteringham Fields, “a restaurant with rooms”.  People come from far and wide to partake of its excellent cuisine. 

The village is surrounded by arable land although cattle, horses and sheep can be seen grazing locally.  The views across the Humber are stunning and along the Humber banks there is a variety of wild life and birds some of which cannot be seen any where else in this country.


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