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Trading Standards estimate that 40 per. cent of nuisance calls are received by older and vulnerable people. They can take the form of a doorstep scam, when someone comes to the door aiming to trick you out of money or try to get access to your home.
Telephone scams are also common as older people spend more time in their home making them an easy target. We suggest the following straight forward methods of increasing your safety:

1) Put up a deterrent sign at your door - if you need help with such a sign contact Winteringham Neighbourhood Watch for assistance.

2) Lock all outer doors and stop to think about whether you are expecting anyone before answering the door.

3) Check callers ID and ring contact Tel. no. (i.e. Council /Water /Elect/ Gas company etc.) before opening your door or tell them to call back another time when someone else is there.

4) Don’t give your telephone number out unnecessarily and indicate that you don’t want to be contacted on promotional literature when signing contracts.

5) Register with the telephone preference service (08480 700 707)
6) Go ex-directory.

7) Check whether call-blocking facilities are available from your telephone service provider.

8) Tell businesses you don’t want to receive marketing calls and you are registered with the telephone preference service.

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