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April 2017

Colin McGurran judges cake-baking contest as part of Harry Potter day at North Lincolnshire school

By David Elliott  |  Posted: April 04, 2017, Scunthorpe Telegraph

YOUNGSTERS at a North Lincolnshire school had a special visitor today (Tuesday, April 4).

Winteringham Fields and television chef Colin McGurran was at Bottesford Junior School to judge a cake-baking competition.

The cake-baking competition formed part of a Harry Potter theme day held to raise money for the school's book fund.

Kristian Willis was judged by Colin to have the best cake, with Izzy Blake named as runner-up.

Explaining his decision on the winning cake, Colin said: "The sponge is excellent, the flavour's excellent, and the texture.

"I could eat it all day long without having a drink in between."

He told the children: "It's a pleasure to taste all of your cakes. They were all lovely and it's difficult to try and decide which one I liked best."



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